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Our Premier Residential Window Clean

Our Premier Window Clean is our most popular residential service. Here is what it includes:

     *Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning of Exterior

     *Screen Cleaning

     *Clean Tracks (Vacuum and Towel Wipe)

     *Wipe Window Sills

Additional Services

We can customize your service to fit

your window cleaning needs.

Maintaining clean windows consistently elevates the value of your home with curb appeal and

clear views of the Rocky Mountains!

When you choose our Premier Residential Window Clean we also offer a Preferred Maintenance Plan.

This is 2 or more premier cleans per year.

With the Preferred Maintenance Plan

you will receive an automatic

10% DISCOUNT beginning on the second clean

of the same year.

*This will also include any of our additional services when you add them to your maintenance plan.

* Skylights

* Ceiling Fans (with & without light fixtures)

* Chandeliers

* Exterior Lights

* Mirrors

* French Doors

* Clean Window Frames

* Shower Doors / Enclosures

* Interior Door Transits

* Storm Windows / Pellas

* Deep Clean Window Tracks

* Sun Rooms

* Hard Water Deposits

* Cob Web Removal

* Paint Removal

* Gutter Cleaning

* New Construction

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